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Track List:
Clannad Original Soundtrack CD1
01.- Shio
02.- Illusions
03.- Meg Mell
04.- Town, Flow of Time, People
05.- Nagisa
06.- Like the Wind
07.- Etude pour les petites supercordes
08.- Hurry, Starfish
09.- Her Determination
10.- Tea in the Reference Room
11.- Spring Wind
12.- Country Lane
13.- Meaningful Ways to Pass the Time
14.- The Days' Leisure
15.- Dam
16.- A Couple of Idiots
17.- Return to Ashes
18.- Existence
19.- Phases of the Moon
20.- At Once

Clannad Original Soundtrack CD2
01.- Snowfield
02.- Roaring Tides
03.- Roaring Tides II
04.- TOE
05.- To the Same Heights
06.- The Place Where Wishes Come True
07.- Shining in the Sky
08.- -Two Shadows-
09.- White Clovers
10.- Distant Years -piano-
11.- Summertime
12.- Distant Years
13.- Country Train
14.- The Place Where Wishes Come True II
15.- Ana
16.- Nagisa ~ Farewell At the Foot of a Hill
17.- The Palm of a Tiny Hand

Clannad Original Soundtrack CD3
01.- Illusions II
02.- Spring Wind -afternoon-
03.- Spring Wind -tempo up-
04.- Spring Wind -piano-
05.- Meaningful Ways to Pass the Time -guitar-
06.- Meaningful Ways to Pass the Time -sax-
07.- Existence -e.piano-
08.- Existence -piano-
09.- Meg Mell -cockool mix- (full Version)
10.- Meg Mell (short Version)
11.- Meg Mell -cockool mix- (short Version)
12.- -Two Shadows- (short Version)
13.- Ana (short Version)
14.- Ana (full Version)
15.- Meg Mell (off vocal Version)
16.- The Palm of a Tiny Hand (off vocal Version)
17.- -Two Shadows- (off vocal Version)
18.- Unused Track 1
19.- Unused Track 2

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